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Treemple is a tool that unifies the team's:

project management, content management, team collaboration

in a single place.

A tool to manage all phases of teamwork:

planning, control and improvement.

From a small team to a large organization.

Multi Level Hierarchy
Create as many nested containers, projects, folders, workspaces as you need. There is no limit in hierarchy depth.
Customizable Types
Node type can be anything what is your team need: Project, Task, Incident, Meeting, Document, Risk Assessment etc. You can also configure type's property list.
Each node has a channel where collaboration between team members is occuring.
Another way to collaborate between team members is through requests. Some examples are Request for approval, Request for feedback, Question, Vote.
Shortcut is a particular type of node. It represents a link to the original node and is very convenient to mirror the same node in different regions of the work plan.
Productivity Features
Personal reminders, filters, bookmarks, jump to a specific node, and more.
Cloud vs Premises
You can decide between a cloud-based solution or having all data in your premises.
Mail integration
Link and open your mailbox in the application, convert emails to a task, an issue, or any other type. Move or link the node to any region of the work plan.
Mobile Apps
Treemple has Android and iOS versions and desktop apps for Windows & MacOS.

Multi Level Hierarchy

Thanks to the hierarchical structure, a whole organization can be smoothly and efficiently organized. Any node type can have children nodes of any sort. A project can have sub-processes, risks, issues. Each issue can have mitigation actions, and such actions can be projects by themselves, with new teams working on them. There is no limit to the number of nodes and the depth of the structure.

Customizable Types

A node type adapts to your team requirements. It can be Project, Task, Incident, Meeting, Document, Risk, etc. You can configure a type's property list. For example, define who can view or edit the node. Establish for each node which fields are allowed and which ones are mandatory. Force progressive numbering of content nodes, useful for lists of events, issues, actions.


Each node has a dedicated collaboration channel used to exchange comments, information, files. Channel is a place for future ChatOps implementation and different business workflows integration.


Collaboration may include sending Requests to a specific participants. Use Requests when you need a more structured approach, such as requests of approval, feedback, vote, decision.

Mail Integration

Only the specifically selected emails will be added in Treemple. From this moment it is possible to move the message to any part of the work plan, to convert it in an task, an issue, a project, share it with team members, assign new tasks and more.

Mobile Apps

Treemple is available as a desktop application for Windows & MacOS. Treemple app is available for Android and IOS.

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Coming soon

Agile Board & Gantt Diagram
There will be a possibility to convert specific Project/Folder to a Agile Board View with drag & drop and other editing features. Or to view Project in a Gantt Diagram with editing
Time Tracking
Specific task will have a time tracking capability where employee could register spent time for a specific task. This information could be aggregated in a Project Reports
Video & Audio Calls
Current collaboration will be enhanced by video/audio conferencing with group call features
Collaboration Threads
Some converation is better to group to Collaboration Thread which will be visible in a project hierarchy as other nodes
Export & Import Data
One great feature will be to export data from a provided link. It will be possible to parse link's content hierarchically.
Integration with Other Apps
Integration will application like GitHub, Corporate Exchange Server or Office Online

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